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في البداية اود ان اشكرك على رغبتك في التعرف علي و اليك بياناتي
اسمي mypat4 - انثى وعمري 47 عاما واود ان تعرف ان جنسيتي من لبنان, وانا اقيم في دولة السودان في مدينة Kabul. وعن حالتي الاجتماعية فأنا Widowed, وعن مهنتي فأنا doctor, اما مؤهلي العلمي فهو Doctorate.

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i am nice beautiful sincere romantic social caring and God fearing i love to read cook My hubbies are reading internet accessing i am white in skin i am 174cm an 78kg i am a widow of two i am here to seek a honest man for a serious relationship

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Cooperative tender kind hearted man. Willing to make everyone around me happy and that's make me the happiest. I have strong religious background a Muslim Sunni and believe all men and women are equal in the eyes of god. I wish I can find a veiled honorable Muslim Sunni woman, who knows her deen, obey god and strive to His satisfaction at all time

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