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في البداية اود ان اشكرك على رغبتك في التعرف علي و اليك بياناتي
اسمي Hannah - انثى وعمري 30 عاما واود ان تعرف ان جنسيتي من السعودية, وانا اقيم في دولة السعودية في مدينة Riyadh. وعن حالتي الاجتماعية فأنا Unmarried, وعن مهنتي فأنا Self employment , اما مؤهلي العلمي فهو Ph.D..

اليك بيانات أخرى عني:

I'm Hannah Justin,More about me, I like table tennis, horse riding, going to cinema, jogging and golf as favorite sport, listen to jazz and rock music, very romantic and honest, hates lies, i think I am sensitive and kind to people, my co -workers always says that I am good in protecting people. I live to be spontaneous and i am usually good in trying my best in any position i found myself, I am hard working in my job and always enjoy it, no matter it does n' t give me so much time, I have peace in my heart and always pray for God to give me the sweetest person in the whole universe,

معلومات عن النصف الاخر الذي ارغب فيه:

. I am really seeking for a true love relationship and i pray if you will show Me love with trust, we both will live for ever as one. I am ready to be yours, I believe in real love from the heart, I need that special man in my life with a loving heart to me. I believe that age is just a number but real love comes from the heart which i cares with your open minded heart to me.

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